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This is a personal project i did in 2017 to showcase my work. It's an interactive web based application that narrates the journey of my life. It includes everything from my formative years that shaped my personlaity and character. To visit the page, click here.

Character Design

These are the three avatars of mine, each one to showcase a different phase of my life. I tried to replicate my physical features and clothing style into these avatars. For animating these avatars i created a sprite sheet containing three types of animations(left walk, right walk and eye blink) for each.

There's one more sprite of my avatar but its kind of special. I will talk about it in the end.

The Narrative

The whole application has been divided into four rooms. The first one being the introductory room which contains my introduction.

I divided my life into three parts; Bachpan, Ladakpan and Javani. For each of these stages i dedicated one room which contains all the amjor memories from that portion of my life.

This room is dedicated to my childhood (Bachpan).

This room is dedicated to my early teenage (Ladakpan).

This room conatains memories from my college life (Javani).

The final room is setup as an exhibition space and contains some of my projects that i did before 2017. I call this room My Corner.


The whole website is in the form of a long horizontal scroll, which can be navigated either using a mouse/touchpad or arrow keys.

There are small wall switches in the room which reveals certain information. Like in this case it triggers the curtain which then reveals my school from the window.

Apart from the switches the rooms are full with objects which hold small stories in themselves. You can hover over them to know about those stories.

In the last room the same hover interaction leads to small popups containing thumbnails of my projects, which can be clicked to reveal full information.

Skip Button

This is the special part which i mentioned in the beginning. I added a skip button in the intro room for users who have been through my story before and directly want to go the project corner. For me this is the best part of my project. So the skip button is the bicycle hanging in the intro room and as soon as you click on it, my avatar rides it through all the rooms directly taking you to the project corner.

This is the sprite sheet for the cycling animation.

All this is just a brief introduction of the application. For the full experience you must visit it.

The link might give you a security error because the page does not follow https protocols. Please click on the advanced option and proceed to the website.

A lot of experts blamed mismanagement of Dams in Kerala as the major cause for devastating flood of Aug 2018. This simulation is a step towards testing this hypothesis. It shows the change in flood levels in Idukki region, based on how a user decides to modify the flood gate pattern of Dams on Idukki reservoir. For the complete project and the end result click here.

There are several socio-economic factors that hinder the successful dissemination of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) in developing countries like India. Addressing the taboo and stigma attached to them becomes especially imperative. Our research lead us to find that parent-child interaction in their formative years can be especially opportunistic for the same. Children at this age start asking questions about sexuality to their parents. Parents wish to answer their children but are unsure about what and how much needs to be conveyed. Let's talk facilitates parents by helping them address such questions.

Project Video


Content Structure

The answers are structured in the form of a layered inverted triangle wherin every horizontal level contains answers for following age groups written in order.

Parent Side Interface

Expert Side Interface

The following interfaces are of a web based portal meant for experts to create and curate content.

Defining gestures for basic word processing tasks in wearable Augmented Reality

(Ongoing Project)

The idea here was to come up with gesture design guidelines for a specific set of word processing tasks in wearable Augmented Reality. An experiment was conducted to elicit data from the users. This data would be categorised and analysed to form an understanding, which could then be translated in the form of guidelines.


According to Sotaro Kita(2009), a good gesture should be designed for maximizing the recognition rate and bound by Physical laws and Cultural conventions.

Sotaro Kita (2009) Cross-cultural variation of speech-accompanying gesture: A review, Language and Cognitive Processes, 24:2, 145-167, DOI: 10.1080/01690960802586188

Experiment Setup

Participants were recruited in groups of two. The setup consisted of two different rooms, one for each participant. One of the participant(KSU) was made to use the laptop, while the other one(GSU) was given a hololens.


This is a snapshot from the laptop. The application on the left is a web application which performs certain word-processing tasks. The applications on the right shows live video feed of the other user(GSU) from hololens(top) and a mobile phone(bottom). The task of KSU is to understand gestures performed by GSU and perform required actions.

This is the interface of the hololens application.The white text reflects the text area from the desktop application. The red dot on top right corner indicates when KSU is expecting a gesture to be performed. For completing each task GSU will get a maximum of 5 trials, which is being indicated by the red number on top right corner. The red text on the top left corner shows the active commands.

The task sheet(left) was given to KSU. The end goal was to type the complete paragraph by deciphering the tasks hidden at each black box. GSU was shown cards(right) conataining the task, one by one and she was supposed to communicate the task by means of gestures.

Data Collection

Some of the gestures performed by the participants are shown below. The off-white parts shows the initial position whereas the sea green parts depict the final position. The movements are depicted by means of dotted lines.

All the gestures were broken down into elementary activities and then categorised based on Aigner's taxonomy.

These are the gestures performed by 7 groups during pilot. The green cells depit the successful gestures(identified by KSU). The text written in each cell indicates, firstly the number of hands used, and then the type of gestures.


Conclusions would be shared once the experiment is complete.

The project breif was to come up with an application to help user find a garment/accessory that she saw in the physical world.

It is an educational game for kids(>10 years) to improve their vocabulary as well as their mind body coordination.



This game can be played by 2-4 players at a time.The objective of the game is to earn points by forming words on the board by either potting coins or pushing them into announced zones. It's a full package of fun and learning.

For more details please contact me.

The project brief was to connect the streets of Bombay and Berlin by making use of Human sensories.

We finally decided to make use of Food and music to connect the two cities.

This project was about making the city of Mumbai Smart. We walked around in the city talking ot people to understand their perspective. Finally we decided to make the people of Mumbai smart by motivating them with relevant information and hence bringing them together for the betterment of city.

We decided to design an app as well as an installation for spreading the concept to masses.



Book Cover Design

Character Design

These are some clips showcasing my work behind the camera and video editing skills. Some of the clips are from videos done as a part of academic projects while others are from commercial projects done during my bachelor degree.


(Short Film)

The film is based in 2035 and required some piece of technology to convey this data to users. Being indoor it was decided to re-imagine the television, which was turned itto a holographic module. The actor can also be seen using gestures to change the channel which even showcases content in a different way.

This scene shows a bot thats analysing the sports activities of the kid in realtime and suggesting changes. The bot and the lighting is computer generated.


(Music Video)

This scene was captured in two parts, the cute puppy part was captured as a video while Dambo's (the cardboard toy) sequence is a stop motion.

This scene shows Dambo running from his owner's house to find his love, and what could be a quicker way than jumping off a building with a parachute made out of polybag.

This walk was taken outdoors in the evening specifically to capture the moving shadow line to showcase longetivity of pain.

Dambo goes to all those places where they used to hang out and every places brings in lots of memories. This is one such scene where he sees her standing beside him in the reflection but by the time he tries to look at her the reflection slides away into darkness.

My Story

Kerala Floods

Let's Talk

Mixed Reality

Match & Mix


Bombay Berlin

Hoshar Mumbai

Graphic Design


#Web_Development #StoryTelling #Animation #Old_Folio

A small walk through my life.

#Data_Vizualization #D3 #Simulation #Web_Development

A simulation allowing the users to analyse the change in flood levels based on opening of flood gates.

#Comprehensive #Sex_Education #CHI_2018 #Application #Dashboard

A design idea for enabling parents to answer their children's questions regarding Sex education

#Research #Hololens #Word_processing #Gestures

An experiment to identiy the most appropriate gestures for basic word processing tasks in wearable Augmneted Reality

#UserInterface #Shopping_Experience #New_Interactions

An app that provides new innovative ways to look for a particular garment/accessory

#Game_Design #Physical_Game #Carrom #Scrabble

An educational game designed by bringing together the great classics, Carrom and Scrabble

#Experiential_Design #Food #Music #Interactive_Media_&_Senses

A concept to conncet the cities of Mumbai and Berlin by means of Food and Music.

#Installation #Information #Smart_City

A service to bring Mumbaikars together for the betterment of the city.

#Sketching #Cover_Design #Digital_Illustraions #Type_setting

Few characters, posters and book cover.

#Stop_Motion #Green_Screen #VFX

Snippets from videos showcasing camera work and post processing.